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Roundhouse Can't Let N.M. Lose Space Race

Articles and editorials from publications around the state of New Mexico

+ Roundhouse Can't Let N.M. Lose Space Race (Albuquerque Journal)
+ Martinez says she'll sign Spaceport bill (Albuquerque Business First)
+ House Approves Extended Liability Curves for Spaceport (Albuquerque Journal)
+ Informed consent bill approved by Judiciary Committee (Albuquerque Business First)
+ Spaceport Passes Spaceport Waiver (Albuquerque Journal)
+ Spaceport insurance bill breezes through Senate unopposed (Santa Fe New Mexican)
+ Spaceport Liability Waiver Unanimously Passes Senate (Albuquerque Journal)
+ Spaceport Liability Bill Fast-Tracked (Albuquerque Journal)
+ Lawmakers Must Land Spaceport Liability Deal (Albuquerque Journal)
+ Bill To Curb Liability Introduced in Senate (Albuquerque Journal)
+ Spaceport compromise promising (Las Cruces Bulletin)
+ Spaceport Liability Accord Claimed (Albuquerque Journal)
+ Formerly a skeptic, governor gives spaceport her support (Santa Fe New Mexican)
+ Spaceport tops lawmaker goals (Las Cruces Bulletin)
+ This Session is it for Spaceport America (Las Cruces Sun)
+ T or C residents urge lawmakers to pass liability protections... (
+ Lawmakers must pass informed consent bill to protect spaceport investment (Silver City Sun News)
+ New Mexico spaceport story is one familiar to Oklahomans (The Oklahoman)
+ Lawmakers Can Save Spaceport (Albuquerque Journal)
+ Informed consent bill needed to protect spaceport investment (Las Cruces Sun)
+ N.M. Doesn't Need A $209 Million 'Spacino' (Albuquerque Journal)
+ Roadblock in New Mexico (
+ Virgin Galactic future at Spaceport uncertain (US News and World Report)
+ Virgin Galactic Pushing for New Mexico Liability Relief | (
+Will Spaceport America be a misfire? (Las Cruces Bulletin)
+Some suppliers say they'll keep bypassing Spaceport without informed consent law (New Mexico Business Weekly)
+Spaceport America tax helping create future engineers KVIA ABC News
+ N.M. Spaceport At Risk: 'Informed consent' called vital to success (Albuquerque Journal)
+ Spaceport suppliers want liability waiver (
+ Spaceport increases pressure on lawmakers for liability protections (The Republic)
+ Spaceport supporters push for NM legislation (Bloomberg)
+ Spaceport: Informed Consent requires us to dig deep (Las Cruces Sun)
+ WSMR leader vows at symposium to renew cooperation with spaceport (Las Cruces Sun)
+ Reforms Needed to Get N.M in Recovery Game (Albuquerque Journal)
+ Spaceport Relying on Legislation (Albuquerque Journal)
+ Will Legislature Ground Spaceport's Chances? (Albuquerque Journal)
+ New Mexico laws could hamper spaceport, Wayne Hale states at symposium (Las Cruces Sun)


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+ KOB Spaceport Story 1 Jan. 22
+ Newsmakers - The Future of Spaceport America
+ Spaceport America needs NM legislative support to survive
+ KOAT News Story 2 Nov. 15
+ KOAT News Story Nov. 15
+ KOB News Story Nov. 15
+ KRQE 13 News Story on Spaceport Nov. 15
+ Kasa 2 News Story on Spaceport Nov. 15
+ Wayne Hale on Informed Consent
+ View press conference videos at our YouTube Channel

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