Save Our Spaceport

The Spaceport needs your help

After a large investment in Spaceport America by the state of New Mexico, a change in liability law is needed to keep the Spaceport healthy. This change won't cost taxpayers a dime, and maintains the rights of New Mexico citizens. Four other states have already passed it, and they are now winning space business that should have gone to New Mexico.

We could lose the Spaceport if we don't take action in this session of the legislature. We need a new law. The proposed legislation we need to pass is called "informed consent" and it means that like other states, NM would not hold liable manufacturers and suppliers for accidents in space.

If we don't fix this weakness in the liability law, the Spaceport will have difficulty in recruiting new tenants which is crucial for its long-term sustainability.

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Report: Projected Economic Impact of Space Flight Industry on New Mexico By, Mesilla Valley Economic Development Alliance

Part 1: Lost Economic Impact Summary

Part 2: Lost Economic Impact Data and Output

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