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Fact Sheet

Spaceport America and the Space Flight Informed Consent Legislation

Spaceport America was created by the inspired vision of the New Mexico legislature with the goal of establishing a new commercial space industry, with human space flight and commercial vertical launches from the site near Truth or Consequences. The people of New Mexico have invested over $200 million to make our state a global leader in commercial space flight. Nearly 1,000 New Mexicans have been employed in building Spaceport America, at the 18,000 acre site. With long and spacious runways, unmatched air space, and a beautiful facility, the Spaceport has attracted businesses like Virgin Galactic, Armadillo Aerospace and UP Aerospace.

All this, however, is threatened if the legislature does not change a liability law to deal with the realities of the space marketplace.

New Mexico's future as the hub of commercial space flight is in serious jeopardy due to its spaceflight liability laws. Unlike four other competing space states, New Mexico does not protect spaceflight manufacturers and suppliers from lawsuits. This deficiency could cause space companies to locate to other states.

Other states have changed their laws to steal the commercial space industry from our state. Colorado, Texas, Florida and Virginia have passed laws in the last two years to remove liability from manufacturers and suppliers in addition to operators.

It is imperative for the competitiveness and success of the Spaceport that in the next legislative session, New Mexico's law be brought into equality with its main space competitors.

The impact is no longer theoretical. Over the past year, several leading space companies have, after considering Spaceport America, chosen to locate their operations or manufacturing facilities in other states - sending investment and jobs elsewhere that should have gone to New Mexico.

We need the Spaceport to thrive, to have operators like Virgin Galactic and Armadillo Aerospace operating there, plus new space manufacturers and suppliers. We need other companies to locate in state in order to make it a hub of tourism, space travel, education and commercial ventures.

After a huge $209 million investment by New Mexico in the Spaceport, it needs a change in law to thrive. We have come so far, and now we need to ensure the success of the Spaceport with this new law.

We are mobilizing to ask the legislature to pass a new law making us competitive with other states. The future of the Spaceport is in jeopardy. We need your help to pass the new Informed Consent law in the next legislative session.

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